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Guaranteeing The Revenue ResultHow do you increase the chance that your sales targets will be achieved? How do you ensure the sales-force lands the sales result in a timely fashion, and avoid finishing 10% down? In my experience, the answer lies in the following 4 key points. A recent survey revealed that speaking in public i...
7 Tips to Improve Conversion Rate There are five key profit-generating areas: Lead Generation, Conversion Rate, Average Dollar Sale, Average Number of Transactions, and Profit Margins. Those areas are highlighted in the following equation: Lead Generation 
Conversion Rate 
Overcoming The Top 10 Sales Barriers Avoiding sales barriers is crucial to success in any industry. Whether you're selling products or services, remember this simple rule: sales doesn't have to be difficult. Your job is to simply help people buy products and services that are of use to them. There's a basic truth t...
Understand the 6 components of the Value Equation - Price is only one aspect that people consider when making a decision to buy.

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