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Advanced Selling Strategies by Brian Tracy

Advanced Selling Strategies by Brian Tracy

  • Socrates Law of Cause and Effect – Governed by law, not chance.
  • Copy what others have done to the get the same results you want;
  • Learn from the experts –Copy them and do what they do and you will get the same results;
  • Selling is more physiological than anything else;
  • Winning Edge Concept - Small differences can result in large differences in results;
  • Learn and practise  - one small thing can make a large difference to performance and cause a major breakthrough in results (eg large difference in prize money between the 1st and 2nd horse in a race);



Self Esteem is critical to Success

  • Fear of rejection can hold you back from fulfilling potential;
  • Rejection is not personal – Nothing to do with you personally- it is to do with the situation;
  • Is a standard reaction to a sales situation;
  • Confront your fears – Just do it and keep doing it;
  • Learn to speak on your feet – Join Toastmasters etc to get confidence;
  • Get more confident;
  • Confront your fear of rejection;



Self Image or Self Esteem of High performers:-

  1. Attitude of being in charge (owner, boss) – You are in charge for results, income;
  2. They are consultants not salespersons (problem solver) and an expert in their field or product – Learn product knowledge inside and out;
  3. Doctors of selling (have high ethics) and act in patients best interests – Carry out an Examination, Diagnostic, Prescription;
  4. Strategic thinkers – have clear goals, plan their work and work their plan – have a clear blueprint for sales success. Setbacks do not bother them;
  5. Are results orientated – Use time well and spend more time with their “A” grade customers;
  6. See themselves as capable of being the very best in the field. You need to make this decision;
  7. Golden Rule Mentality – sell with honesty, integrity, thoughtfulness, understanding

Top sales persons Care about their Customers, themselves and their Company.


      Have great mental strength. Warm up mentally beforehand

  1. Think about recent sales success, remember it and feed into the conscious mind – Relive in vivid detail;
  2. Prior to the meeting, close eyes, breathe deeply and relax. Deep breathing, very powerful and relax. Hold breath for 5-7 seconds, will then become calm;
  3. Visualise desired outcome – Performing at your best, getting the chq or result you want;
  4. Create Affirming Statement – “This will be a great meeting, etc”;
  5. Get the feeling  - Exhale, Relax, smile, pleasure of the result. Convince your sub-conscious mind you got the result of a successful sales call. That you have received the desired outcome.


New Model of Selling- The key to outstanding results

  1. Building trust (40%) - An indispensable ingredient in sales. Listen intently – Don’t talk too much. Listening builds trust;
  2. Identify the real needs of the Prospect (30%) – Needs identification. Ask questions and listen for the answers. Seek feedback. Build high quality relationships. Focus on the needs and wants of the customer. There to help them;
  3. Presenting (20%) - shows customer needs to be satisfied. Match products to needs;
  4. Gaining commitment to action (10%) – “is this what you had in mind”. Closing becomes a natural situation. More enjoyable, no stress.

Salespersons role is to help and give advice.

This process is based on your creditability. You need mega creditability and trust.

Everything counts –

  1. Minor details, Personality, Attitude, Personal appearance and grooming;
  2. Company status;
  3. Outside source eg testimonials, photographs, etc


Why Customers Buy

·      Customers are strongly emotional;

·      They respond to factors of the salesperson – They are quick to judge;

·      The sale is won or lost in the first 30 seconds;

·      Initial impression (first 4 seconds) is essential;

·      See what successful people do and follow their lead, copy what they do;

·      Your appearance  - Look like what you want to be;

·      Keep improving.


Three ways to impress:-

1.     Dress for success – Look the part eg appearance – Must look professional;

2.     Sit up straight – back straight. Good posture, chin up, shoulders back – Look a winner;

3.     Choose words carefully – Think through and plan opening, questions to use. Rehearse presentation. Ask for permission to speak.. Take control of the situation. Make the customer feel comfortable.


To sell successfully you must 1. Prospecting, 2. Uncover the need; 3. Presentation, 4. Close Sale


Prospecting – Keep the pipeline full. Keep finding new customers. Spend time with better prospects.

Define the attributes of a good prospect and rank 1-10.

1. Need, 2. Return on Investment. 3. Need for your service, 4. Large sale possible, 5. Centre of Influence eg get Testimonials, referrals, 6. Can afford your service 7. Close to your Business.

Telephone prospecting – the Goal is only to set up an appointment and then meet face to face. Just talk what benefit they will get.

Need to keep persisting, do not be insistent.



Effective Sales Presentation:-

  • Gap analysis, Problem Detective;
  • Questions are essential – Identify their needs;
  • Confidently control the sales process;
  • Answer a question with a question to get back control.

Three Basic Parts of the Sales Process


1.         Rapport

  • Attributes of my Company;
  • Ask some personal questions about their personal life; Ask questions about them;
  • Ask business questions;
  • Be non judgemental;
  • Never agree or disagree


2.         Identify the Problem

·      Ask questions;  What are their problems;

·       Find the pain or hurt;

·      Open their mind to fix the problem;

·      Question skilfully.


3.         Present the Solution

  • Product Knowledge – Know everything; study it, attend courses, know in detail;
  • Customer Knowledge – Know about their business/product - Do your homework
  • Thorough presentations of Sales Meeting – Have everything you need. Have objectives to achieve in every contact;
  • Timing and Punctuality – Confirm appointment beforehand; Be slightly early;
  • Practise and Rehearsal – Check details, Review files, get warmed up, be sharp, alert;
  • Excellent Health Habits – Be positive, alert, energetic, bright, rested, primed, have energy, be ready to go.  Have good diet, exercise, and adequate rest.


Ready for the Sales Presentation

  • Get understanding and agreement;
  • Invite feedback – Divide into sections;
  • Use trial closures; How does this sound? Does this make sense so far? Is this what you had in mind? Will this be an improvement?
  • Show/Tell/ Ask Questions;
  • What’s in it for me (client);
  • Link features to benefits;
  • Invite regular feedback;
  • Learning takes place in silence
  • Power of suggestion – Get them thinking about using your product. Positive, suggestive statements – put them in the picture.
  • You must be prepared to handle any issue, problem which could occur. – Plan, Practise, And Rehearse.
  • Be able to answer their questions and objections;
  • Bring sales process to a natural conclusion;
  • Objections are good – They have an interest;
  • Acknowledge and respect their comments and feelings;
  • Think through why they might not buy;
  • Know and answer their objections proficiently;
  • Price – Educate on value. Is not normally the determining issue;
  • Price objection – Answer “price is important, can I come back to it. Find out what other issues they have. Ask “Why do you ask that (price issue). More they want and desire, price is less of an issue.
  • Objections – Feel/Felt/Found method;
  • Listen and deal with respectively;
  • Show that you care;
  • Closure;
  • Must ask for commitment and the sale;  Ask for the order;
  • Don’t put pressure on – Be upfront, put your cards on the table.


Seven ways to bring to a favourable conclusion and maintain a quality relationship:-

    1. Trial Close – Any questions I have not covered? Do you have any queries? Do you like what I am showing you, give it a try;
    2. Directive (Assumption) Close – How does this sound so far?. If you have no further questions (get out the contract);
    3. Alternative (Preference) Close – Give choices – Which would you prefer A or B? What colour would you like?;
    4. Secondary close – Help them make the big decision by asking small questions;
    5. Authorisation Close – Well then, get contract, authorise and we can get started;
    6. Order Sheet Close- Get contract, fill out – If they don’t stop you, they have brought;
    7. I want to think it over close – Appear to accept it, smile, and pack away. This is an important decision; you need to think it over. What is your reason for the need to think it over? Then be silent. They will give real reason. Ask politely, expectantly, real meaningful.. Answer objection and then ask for the sale again, to make a decision.


Selling is a tough job;

Only limitation is you – Have courage;

Get yourself up every day;

Give prayer of thanks – selling is not easy;

Follow logical process of professional selling;

Take seriously and study like a doctor;

Work on yourself.  Study, learn and grow daily. Be committed;

Future is unlimited;    Take charge of our own destiny;

All that matters is where you are going.



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