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ActionCOACH Penrith Case Studies and Testimonials

Real results for real businesses

To help you better understand how ActionCOACH Penrith may be able to help you, here are some case studies and testimonials from some of the businesses we have helped in the last few years. Please note that these organisations and people are real, and their names and details appear here with their permission.

Craig Masters, Exceptional Electrical Services

"EES is now doing fantastic with what you have taught us and created for us with regards to analyzing our business in various areas,  We have a massive feeling of accomplishment and our experience has shaped the company for its future with a very strong client base.
You were very accurate with regard to what you were looking for in our initial consultation and had pin pointed the KPI’s that were suffering and not getting the right attention. At Action, one of your most stand out unique selling points is the fact that you say “we teach you to do this yourself”.  Well we are definitely proof of this as we now have very structured goals and plans helping us to grow our business and its profits based upon the models and techniques that Action uses, but the most important thing thing is how you implemented them to our company. We are now profiting money that we never thought was possible for the size of the company we have and are very excited about the growing potential."

Phillip Evans, Evanscorp

"Our work together culminated in 2007 when we won a Consensus Software Award for our flagship product, Remunerate.  Since then we have continued to use the knowledge you imparted to grow, and we are zeroing in on our international targets despite the global financial crisis...

...Our sales into the UK are steadily rising and we are just starting to look at putting a presence into the US.  In other words, things are going really well.

All of these achievements are due in no small part to your help and advice in working through our early-stage hurdles, putting processes in place, and setting a vision and growth strategy.  Those foundations continue to serve us well and there is no doubt that we would not be doing as well today if not for our work with you.  Any person new to business should have a business coach, and they don’t come much better than you, Anil.  Thanks very much for your invaluable help, and I hope to one day be able to return the favour."

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Jock Gammon, Greenrooms Gardens and Ladscapes

"Thank you for your help in getting our business to where it is today.  Before we took you on as our Action business coach my wife and I were working 7 days a week and were in well over our head trying to manage all areas of the business.  I was of the mindset that no one else could do what I was doing and if they could, not to the same standard.  It was by stepping back and implementing some of Actions programs and strategies that allowed me to step out of the inner workings of the business and focus on the broader picture of building the business...

...You have helped us focus on directing our resources to the correct types of jobs through analysing our leads and conversion rates.  As an indication of the success of such strategies our turnover has gone from $140k three years ago to $1.2m last year and this year we are on target to turnover $2.5m...

...I highly recommend to anybody considering taking on a business coach to invest the money in the Action program especially with Anil Puri.  Anil has become a great friend and is always there to bounce ideas off and to provide very useful and insightful information..."

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